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Obtain Transaction Status Results

This page discusses how to retrieve transction status results for anonymous SMS sessions.

Set up a Transaction Callback Service

To be notified when end-users are interacting and receive content of messages exchanged between end users, you must set up a transaction callback service.

To set up the service, do the following:

  1. Create a private URI on your web server for receiving callback notifications from TeleSign.
  2. Provide TeleSign with your private URI.
  3. You will receive callback notifications once end users start interacting. The callbacks contain the content of messages exchanged between them. If TeleSign is unable to deliver a callback notification on the first attempt, the TeleSign server waits 10 seconds, then tries again. If the second attempt fails, the server waits an additional 30s and then makes a final attempt.
  4. You must respond to TeleSign with an HTTP 200 OK response.

Callback Responses

When end users start transacting in anonymous session, each message exchanged between them is pushed to your callback. A callback notification’s JSON response contains the following:

Value Description
session_reference_id A 32-digit hex value used to identify the anonymous session to which messages belong.
submit_timestamp The timestamp of the end user’s message.
from_phone_number The originating end user’s phone number, including the country code.
to_phone_number The destination end user’s phone number, including the country code.
mo_reference_id Unique identifier for end user’s message. A 32-digit hex value used to identify the message.
mo_message The content of the end user’s message

Next Steps

This section offers some suggestions for next steps to take.