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Search for a Phone Number to Lease

If you want to use a specific caller or sender ID for your messages or use inbound SMS, you must lease a phone number from TeleSign. The https://rest-ww.telesign.com/phone_numbers/numbers endpoint can be used to review phone numbers and choose the one that suits your needs.

If you have your credentials and access to the Phone Numbers API, you can try a test request in the Phone Numbers API Explorer below. You can also get a code snippet for the request.

Phone Numbers API Explorer
NOTE: The time show in ms is not indicative of regular transmission rates, and only applies to the Phone Number API Explorer.
Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
No $$.env variables are being used in this request.

The Phone Numbers API Explorer is set up in the above example to search for phone numbers in the United States that are SMS capable. To add your credentials and see the request run, do the following:

  1. Click the Auth [basic] tab and for Username add your customer ID. For Password add your API key.
  2. Click the Query tab to see the fields you need to fill out. For this example, country_iso2 is populated with US and sms_capable is selected to filter numbers with. sms_capable is set to true, so the response will return US phone numbers that are SMS capable. (See more available parameters on the API reference page - GET v1/numbers.)
  3. Click Send.
  4. Click the Code Generation tab and use the Language and Library drop-downs to choose the language you want your code snippet in.

You can see more about available parameters for requests on the GET /numbers page.

Numbers Information

This section provides general information about the /numbers endpoint of the Phone Numbers API.

  • The URI is https://rest-ww.telesign.com/v1/phone_numbers/numbers
  • You can authenticate with Basic (easiest to implement) and Digest
  • Accept only UTF-8 encoded unicode characters as inputs
  • Use Content-Type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded in request headers

Next Steps

This section offers some suggestions for next steps to take.

  • Review available parameters for your request on the GET /numbers page.
  • Create a Lease - Learn how to use the Phone Numbers API to lease a phone number after you search for the one you want.
  • Retrieve a List of Your Leased Numbers - Learn how to use the Phone Numbers API to retrieve a list of phone numbers you already leased from TeleSign.