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TeleSign’s PhoneID API allows you to get detailed and actionable global phone number and subscriber data intelligence to strengthen authentications, evaluate fraud risks, and enhance the user experience.

Answer critical questions about users by using their phone numbers to get actionable data intelligence about their device, contact information, and more. Phone number data intelligence can help strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, inform risk models, improve conversions and accuracy of collected information and even determine the optimal channel for message delivery.

The PhoneID API cleans and reformats a submitted phone number and instantly returns phone device-type, telecom carrier name and phone registration information. Additional data attributes are available for configuration via add-ons to best fit your specific use case.

The base PhoneID API product allows you to submit a phone number and get back general details about the number. You can combine it with various add-ons to get different information.

  • PhoneID API without add-ons

  • PhoneID with add-ons

    • Get Started with Add-ons - TeleSign offers a variety of add-ons you can use to get specific pieces of information - gather contact information associated with the phone number, learn the subscriber status, whether the number has recently been part of a sim swap, device information, porting history, porting status, number deactivation information, and whether the information associated with the number on file matches the information you have about the phone number.