Get delivery status and other details for a TeleSign verification transaction that you have created.

General Requirements

  • Authentication: Basic (easiest to implement) or Digest
  • Endpoint:{reference_id}
  • Encoding: Accepts only UTF-8 unicode characters as inputs.
  • Accepts: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Required Headers: Content-Type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Request Parameters

1 Path Parameter


Success. Your request was fulfilled and resulted in data being retrieved. Code against the TeleSign status or error codes from the status.code and errors.code properties in the response payload, rather than the HTTP status code of the response.

Status Code Associated Text String Description
200 Delivered to handset The SMS was delivered to the end user’s phone. (Final)
203 Delivered to gateway The SMS was delivered to the gateway. If the gateway responds with further information (including successful delivery to handset or delivery failure), the status is updated. (Intermediate)
207 Error delivering SMS to handset (reason unknown) The SMS could not be delivered to the end user’s handset for an unknown reason. (Final)
210 Temporary phone error The SMS could not be delivered to the handset due to a temporary error with the phone. Examples - phone is turned off, not enough memory to store the message. (Final)
211 Permanent phone error The SMS could not be delivered to the handset due to a permanent error with the phone. For example, the phone is incompatible with SMS, or illegally registered on the network. This can happen when a phone number is blacklisted, or is incorrectly provisioned. (Final)
220 Gateway/network cannot route message The network cannot route the message to the handset. (Final)
221 Message expired before delivery The message was queued by the mobile provider and timed out before it could be delivered to the handset. (Final)
222 SMS not supported SMS is not supported by this phone, carrier, plan, or user.
229 Message blocked by your request TeleSign blocked the SMS before it was sent. This is due to your prior submitted request to blocklist this phone number.
230 Message blocked by TeleSign TeleSign blocks a message if it is being sent to a phone number that is on a global blocklist.
231 Invalid/unsupported The content of the message is not supported.
233 Message blocked due to high risk score. It was determined that the risk score for the destination number is higher than configured Maximum Risk Score. For that reason TeleSign did not send the SMS.
250 Final status unknown The final status of the SMS cannot be determined.
251 Message successfully sent out for delivery, however final confirmation of delivery to handset was not received. This message was successfully delivered to the gateway, but TeleSign cannot confirm delivery to the handset because TeleSign does not receive the final handset DLR in this region. NOTE: There is a high probability that this message was successfully delivered to the handset.
290 Message in progress The message is being sent to the SMS gateway.
291 Queued by TeleSign TeleSign is experiencing unusually high volume and has queued the SMS message.
292 Queued by gateway The SMS gateway has queued the message.
295 Status delayed The status of the SMS is temporarily unavailable.
500 Transaction not attempted No SMS request was attempted.
501 Not authorized No permissions for this resource, or authorization failed.
502 Campaign error This error can be generated if there is a problem with the short code used.
503 Carrier rejected - temporary problem This error is generated if there is an error on the carrier or operator side that is temporary and the message can be retried.
504 Carrier rejected - permanent error This error is generated if there is an error on the carrier or operator side that is permanent and the message should not be retried.
505 Error on gateway - temporary error This error is generated if there is an error on TeleSign’s partner side that is considered temporary and the message can be retried.
506 Error on gateway - permanent error This error is generated if there is an error on TeleSign’s partner side that is considered permanent and the message should not be retried.
507 Invalid destination address There is a problem with the destination address used. Either the format is not valid, or the number is not associated with any carrier, or if MSC is used it does not know about this MSISDN.
508 Invalid source address The message requires a source address. Verify that one is provided and correct.
509 Parameters problem One or more parameters used in the request is not supported.
510 Message blocked by subscriber action or request The end user has blocked receiving SMS with their carrier plan or by request or from the particular short code used.
511 Subscriber low on credit The end user exceeded their spending limits and cannot receive SMS.
512 Roaming error End user cannot receive SMS because their device that receives the messages is roaming.
513 Mobile number portability error SMS failed because ported combinations are unreachable.
514 Subscriber absent The operator/carrier is temporarily unable to reach the end user.
515 Suspected spam This message is considered to be spam by carrier or operator.
599 Status not available The system is unable to provide status at this time.

A unique identifier that you can use to retrieve information about a specific Voice or SMS transaction completed through App Verify.


The subresource accessed for the request. This is either call for Voice Verify or sms for SMS Verify.


Contains an object for each error condition that resulted from the request.


An object containing details about the request status.


Contains properties about the status of the verification attempt by the end user (if any).


Contains properties relevant when the message sent with this transaction is one of several parts of a longer message that was split. This object only appears if this feature is enabled for your account. Contact our Customer Support Team to request this feature.

Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
Path Params
1 path param not set
1 variable not set