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Try the API Explorer

An API explorer is a tool that lets you quickly try out an API without doing any implementation. TeleSign offers an API explorer for most TeleSign APIs. You can read more about this tool in the following sections:

Cost and Disclaimer for the API Explorer

For any transaction you send through a TeleSign API Explorer, you will be billed for the transaction as you normally would. You are also subject to the same rules and regulations for a transaction through the API Explorer as you would normally be.

API Explorer Requirements

To use the API Explorer, you need the following:

  • Customer ID
  • API Key
  • Access to the APIs you want to try - if you have not arranged access your transactions will come back with an error

How to Use the API Explorer

Each API reference page that takes the title form of Request Type /endpoint (for example POST /messaging) contains an API Explorer for that endpoint at the bottom of the page. To use the API Explorer do the following:

  1. Under the Variables tab, put your customer ID in the username field.
  2. Under the Variables tab, put your API key in the password field.
  3. Click the Body tab. Click Add Property and add each parameter required for the transaction you want to try, and any optional parameters you want to include.
  4. Click Send to see your transaction. You will be charged the standard rate for your transaction, and you are subject to all compliance rules as appropriate for your transaction.
  5. If you want you can also click Code Generation and set the drop-downs to have the API Explorer generate a code snippet for you.

Add-ons are not presented in the API Explorers.