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This page contains links to TeleSign’s Legacy API documentation. A legacy product is defined as something TeleSign still offers, but which is not actively promoted, and which will be retired in the near future (1-2 years).

  • Voice API (Legacy) - TeleSign’s older Voice API allows you to send alerts, reminders, notifications, or marketing messages.
  • Get Started - See what’s available for the legacy Voice API.
  • Send a Voice Message - Learn how to send a voice message using TeleSign’s Voice API Explorer.
    • POST v1/voice - Check out the Voice API parameters for sending a voice message.
  • Obtain Transaction Status Results - Learn how to obtain transaction status results for a voice message you sent.
    • Status Request (GET v1/voice) - You can get transaction status results within 12 hours of a transaction by querying TeleSign with the reference number for your transaction.
    • Status Callback - Set up a transaction callback server and receive transaction status information there.