This page contains links to TeleSign’s Legacy API documentation. A legacy product is defined as something TeleSign still offers, but which is not actively promoted, and which will be retired in the near future (1-2 years).

  • Voice API - TeleSign’s older Voice API allows you to send alerts, reminders, notifications, or marketing messages.
  • Number Deactivation API - TeleSign’s Number Deactivation API determines whether a phone number has been deactivated, when, and by which carrier the phone number was deactivated based on carriers’ phone number data and TeleSign’s proprietary analysis.
  • PhoneID Contact API - The PhoneID Contact API delivers contact information related to the subscriber’s phone number to provide another set of indicators for established risk engines.
  • PhoneID Live API - The PhoneID Live API delivers insights such as whether a phone is active or disconnected, a device is reachable or unreachable and its roaming status.
  • Smart Verify - The Smart Verify web service simplifies the process of verifying user identity by integrating several TeleSign web services into a single API call. This eliminates the need for you to make multiple calls to the TeleSign Verify resource. The Smart Verify API has a configurable workflow that encompasses realtime fraud detection, reputation scoring and optimized routing of the verification process (SMS or voice) to increase completion rates and lower cost while minimizing the integration effort to get started.