This page contains links to TeleSign’s Legacy API documentation. A legacy product is defined as something TeleSign still offers, but which is not actively promoted, and which will be retired in the near future (1-2 years).

  • Number Deactivation API - TeleSign’s Number Deactivation API determines whether a phone number has been deactivated, when, and by which carrier the phone number was deactivated based on carriers’ phone number data and TeleSign’s proprietary analysis.
  • Get Started - See what’s available for the Number Deactivation API.
  • Perform Number Deactivation Check - Learn how to perform a check to see if a phone number was deactivated by using TeleSign’s Number Deactivation API Explorer.
  • Number Deactivation Subscription - You can submit a list of mobile phone numbers in bulk and find out which have been deactivated in a deactivation file that TeleSign regularly updates and submits to your dedicated folder.