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SMS Compliance

SMS services can be highly regulated in certain markets, due to country specific compliance restrictions and government laws. Understanding the various market nuances and governing laws is a key component to successfully operating an SMS program globally.

SMS compliance best practices take into account 6 key factors:

  • Route or delivery path used to send the message.
  • Sender ID or originating address from which the SMS is delivered.
  • Message content details.
  • Opt-in or user consent.
  • Opt-out or revocation of consent (applicable to recurring SMS).
  • Adequate notice and transparency about the service.
    • Inclusion of Privacy Policy link (UI)
    • Inclusion of Term of Service link (UI)
    • “Standard message & data rates may apply” disclosure

Due to strict opt-in/opt-out requirements in the U.S. & Canada, certain customer’s use cases may be routed through a shared short code.


TeleSign can automatically opt-out your end users for you, contact our Customer Support Team for details.

When a user receives an SMS from the shared short code, they can text ‘STOP’ to the shared short code, and all further messages from that short code will be blocked until the user opts back in. If the user would like to resume receiving messages from that short code, they will need to text the keyword ‘OPTIN’ to remove the messaging block. An alternative to the blocking functionality, is to acquire a dedicated short code, to which the customer is responsible for the opt-in and opt-out management for their end users.

TeleSign blocks some countries from sending SMS and/or voice calls by default due to strict compliance regulations and requirements in those countries. If you would like to send to a country that is blocked, please contact TeleSign support to submit your request. Please note further information regarding your voice and/or messaging campaign may be required to proceed with your request.

For more detailed information on compliance requirements globally, please visit the Compliance section of TeleSign’s knowledge base and review TeleSign’s Acceptable Use Policy.