TeleSign SDKs available to Enterprise customers include:

Enterprise SDK

Available in six languages, this SDK makes implementing with digest authentication quick and easy. The SDK covers:

  • Score
  • SMS
  • PhoneID
  • Voice
  • Voice Verify
  • SMS Verify

The languages you can choose from include:

Android App Verify SDK

TeleSign’s Android App Verify SDK allows you to easily embed frictionless phone verification on Android using SMS and voice capabilities. This can be used as an alternative to the App Verify API (which is also for Android). The benefit of choosing this SDK over the API is that it is quicker to implement.

The App Verify SDK is not part of the App Verify API, so you must choose whether you want to use this SDK, or use the API.

You can check out details about the Android App Verify SDK on the Android App Verify SDK page.


If you are looking for App Verify for iOS, TeleSign offers an app verification solution using the SMS API and iOS. You can read about that solution on the App Verify iOS Sample App page.